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We are capable of fixing any kind of a phone, manufactured by any brand!
Other  Brands
All in all, over the last 15 years we were able to process, assess and bring back to full-battery life a whopping 5000 smartphones. Almost half of those are neither Apple smartphones, nor the ones made by Samsung, but.
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Data  Retrieval
In today's world, digitally stored data is one of the most valuable resources ever. This means also, that when you lose your data, such as your photos or videos on a smartphone's microSD card or whatever, then it.
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Water Damage
Probably nothing, not even dropping your smartphone with a screen down can be so stressful as dropping a smartphone in water, right? We've got all the tools and all the experience for drying and fixing your phone!
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Replaced  Screens
When you ask either a regular smartphone user anywhere in the world or a professional repairman on what's the most frequent cause of trouble - the screen will surely top the list.
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Repaired  iPhones
With the iPhone being thought of as the most robust smartphone out there, quite often that is just not true. Starting with cracked touchscreens, glitchy camera or the most.
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If you don't know what exactly went wrong...

During the last few years, most people in the local area who were looking for a place to repair their smartphone relied upon us! When both of our young founders just graduated from the MIT university, they've had an idea of a new type of business to set up. Originally from the Deep South's Alabama, they knew just how few IT & hardware specialists and repairmen are there in the state.
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